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Your Image Drawn Into 50 Years of American Pie

A long, long time ago… Don McLean created his decades-defining masterpiece, American Pie. It lamented the end of the golden age music breaking into the flamboyant ‘60s. Yet, written 10 years after the untimely death of Buddy Holly, American Pie signaled another turning point. Peace and love and tie-dyed shirts were becoming lost in the turbulent times of war and political turmoil.

His instantly classic song is now 50. To commemorate this landmark, WiBWorx is creating a new drawing depicting the lyrics, line by line. These lyrics have sparked my imagination from the start - not to mention what reference points the artist intended. Who is The Jester? For that matter, exactly who or what is Miss American Pie? I’ve wanted to take a crack at this illustration for many years. You can join in the celebration!

Previously, I have facilitated similar projects of 50 Years of Todd Rundgren, and 40 Years of Hotel California. Now is the opportunity for you to help fund the AmPie50 celebration campaign and become a part of the drawing at the same time.