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Utopia Is Here

When Todd Rundgren’s Utopia reunited after a 7-year break, the fan club featured a tour T-shirt contest. Two of the three designs I submitted were selected, and I got the autographed shirt prize. One features the word which reads the same upside-down. The other is a depiction of how circles, squares, and triangles are the source of all we see.

Around the same time, I experienced an epiphany regarding the source of my inspiration over the years. Love, illumination, karma, drive, spirituality—these are all concepts invented by no one, but sung and written about by many. I examined the music, movies, and books that spoke to my heart and looked for a common theme. If one is to not admire people but ideas, what is the idea I most strongly wish to live by? I settled on UTOPIA IS HERE. This led to 4 designs along that theme beginning with the one that won the contest. Dozens more wait in the wings for the right time.