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MUSICA - The Transforming Power of Music

Prior to the release of Todd Rundgren’s HEALING album at the start of the ‘80s, I was confronted in a dream. A masked man emerged from a nebulous cloud pursuing me—challenging, daring, insisting I remove his mask. Relentlessly I fled in fear, cowering, screaming, crying. When I finally removed the mask, I saw only my face.

Flash forward to 2010, and Rundgren Radio commissioned me to create an image to help promote the first-ever live performance of Todd’s albums TODD and HEALING. But how? I relied on the dream, and followed a process to produce a piece of art that was big and majestic, and scary, but beautiful. In the end, I combined the medical symbol with a Demi-god with snakes spiraling into a DNA strand. The nucleotides replaced with piano keys. The image shows how music gets into your DNA and transforms you from the inside out.