AmPie50 Deadline Extended. Stay Tuned For 50 Years of Something/Anything?

Interactive Art - How Does it Work?

My art lets music fans be part of the final piece. It’s an interactive process. First supporters reserve the placement they want. That’s first-come, first-served. There are usually three levels of contribution. With HotCA they were General, Key, and Star. The prominent positions also received added benefits to help them commemorate their spot in a one of a kind design!

GETTING YOUR LIKENESS: Most images come from Facebook connections. Other options like email are possible, but are slower and offer less flexibility. I need some leeway in making the selection since matching a facial expression to a location or face angle comes into play.

PERMISSION: It’s granted you give your permission for your image to appear in print and on merchandise. No one’s name will be published in the magazine. It is likely a key to the drawing may include your name - how else would you find where you are?

Peek At a Past Project:

To celebrate five decades of Todd Rundgren’s career, 200 fans sponsored a piece of art I called 5OH: 50 Years of Our Hero. Every fan represents a song, either individually or collectively. The framework was an amusement part in several sections. For The Wheel, there was a Ferris wheel. Another obvious choice came from The Night the Carousel Burned Down. Yet another was the go-cart track for many car-reference songs. As it progressed, spots were drawn as claimed, while place-markers represented unique positions still up for grabs. The art was presented to Todd in wall-sized form at his 75th birthday.

An animation of the finished 5OH illustration.