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Q: Can I preview the drawing process for HotCA?

A: Yes! Just with for daily updates in December

Q: Do I get to pick things beside placement?

A: To some degree. I seek to accommodate requests. Much is directed by the painting need.

Q: Where will HotCA be seen?

A: The drawing will be featured in a double-page spread in Goldmine Magazine’s March issue on stands in mid-January. There will also be posters and puzzles available to the general public.

Q: Can I buy extra merchandise for gifts?

A: Of course! Shipments won’t be ready in time for Christmas, though. But a note card can be sent for a small fee.

Q: Can I pay for someone else to be in the drawing?

A: Yes! But only with their permission. Maybe a dance partner would be nice.

Q: What if I’m not happy with the results?

A: That has virtually never happened in the over 500 portraits I have made. But if I couldn’t satisfy someone, I would refund their money without question.

General FAQ

Q: Where can I get previous Todd Rundgren designs of yours?

A: Unfortunately, the only place to get previous Todd shirts of mine is to keep an eye on eBay, etc. I might have some Rolling Stone project posters. See me at a show.

Q: Will you be doing other song illustrations?

A: Yes! My next most-likely project will be AMERICAN PIE. But first things first.

Q: Where can I view your work?

A: and are good places to start.

Q: Do you do portraits?

A: Yes! View a couple hundred portraits here: WiBMAFIA

Q: Do the bands make money from your work?

A: Indirectly. My art celebrates and promotes the bands involved. In some cases, I donate part of the proceeds to causes important to the artist. In 2018, I donated $2,500 from the 5OH project to the Aloha Fund for Toddstock. Check out pictures of the presentation to Todd on my Facebook pages.

Q: Would you speak at my function or to my group?

A: Gladly! Just drop me a line, and we’ll work it out. I’d like nothing more.