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It's as hard to believe it's been 50 years since the release of "Something/Anything?" as it is to imagine a world without it. Consider, too, that the path to success wasn't as instantaneous as it may seem. HELLO, IT'S ME was not the initial single. it wasn't even released until a year and a half after the album came out. It took another 2 years before going gold. By that time, Our Hero turned wizard and had taken a hard turn to leave S/A? so much dust in the wind.

2022 brings the amazing double album opus to the half-century mark. The Nation of Fans who could not be let down still see the light and take the good and leave the bad. It's time to find the saving grace for one of the greatest albums of all time. You and get your name listed in the tribute ads!

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All contributors will be listed in every celebration ad throughout the year. Top spots are reserved for the highest contributors, and special gifts go with each level. Levels go from $50 to $150 in $25 increments. If you give now, it's always possible to upgrade later.

Step on in here with us and celebrate 50 Years of Something/Anything?

June Mojo done. Next up Rolling Stone!

December 2021 Goldmine Magazine and June 2022 Mojo Magazine have been conquered. Now GET YOUR NAME IN ROLLING STONE. Publication date is being negotiated. The more names, the bigger the ad. Watch for deadlines and new gift offers soon.

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