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The landmark album "Something/Anything?" turns 50. What fitting timing for Todd Rundgren to at long last be entered into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Celebrate with fans in a full-page Rolling Stone Magazine Tribute. Every contributor's name will be listed in the ad. Special gifts are given to the highest givers. Click Here to step on in here with us!

The AmPie50 Spread in Goldmine Magazine!

A long, long time ago… Don McLean created his decades-defining masterpiece, American Pie. It lamented the end of the golden age music breaking into the flamboyant ‘60s. Yet, written 10 years after the untimely death of Buddy Holly, American Pie signaled another turning point. Peace and love and tie-dyed shirts were becoming lost in the turbulent times of war and political turmoil.

Join the celebration of 50 Years of American Pie as featured in the December issue of Goldmine Magazine.

Crowd-Interactive Art

My art exists to draw people together to common interests. Each project is initially funded person-by-person as we discover ways to represent individual preference as part of a bigger picture. It’s taken a couple decades to cultivate the relationships and process. Take a look and see if you can see yourself stepping in.

HotCA Draw -Phase COMPLETE

80 fans checked in to the project, and now will appear in Goldmine Magazine March 2020 issue.


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The Transforming Power of Music

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Musica: The Transforming Power of Music

Musica: The Transforming Power of Music

What's in a Name?

Culled from youthful adventures, the company moniker morphed from my formal name. Wi (William) B (Bricker) and Worx (modernized Works). After a side distraction into the corporate world, the first act of my professional designer life was spent building and running a small graphics business as a home-Dad. The second act has been a half-dozen “real” jobs for various companies, corporations, and institutions. The third act is, for lack of a better term, this stuff. Below is a partial list of the side-hustles that brought me here.

PAST: Forging A Unique Creative Path

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